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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 21, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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our outback alys gets us there... ... sometimes it just tas us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> good evening. i'm dan. it is pay back time in bell, california. city leaders are now suspected felon corruption scandal that has rivetted the country. police arrested the mayor and 7 other city officials for
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bilking struggling taxpayers and sending salary into the stratosphere. >> this needless to say is corruption on steroids. >>reporter: l.a. county dribingt district attorney says his office has been quietly investigating the city of bell high salary since march. 8 arrest were made today. bizarre former city manager was arrested at his huntington beach home. his bail? 3.two million dollars. >> secretly set his open salary. he misappropriated substantial pay and benefits. by increasing each of them through a series of actions that no one approved of and few if anyone new about. >>reporter: 4 of the 5 current members of the city council for bell were charged and arrested for misappropriation of funds. they are those listed here and the mayor. >> council members were busy
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enriching themselves by collecting money for meetings that never occurred. in some cases council members received illicit loans approved by mr. rizzo. [applause] tears at bell city hall as word of the arrest spread. >> i'm so excited. i just see rizzo handcuffed all the way makes me happy. if i can get all his property and resource and pay back all the debt he owes me i'll be happy. >>reporter: former city council members were arrested as well as former assistant city manager. if the only current city council member not in jail is hear. >> it is happy and sad moment for us. saddest part is that our city has been tarnished tremendously. reputation of our city has been dragged through mud and hopefully we
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can begin the heal process. >>reporter: all are scheduled to be arraigned first thing tomorrow morning. may not make bail any time soon because according to the l.a. county district attorney the funds that are used he want 0to make sure they are legitimate in the from the taxpayers of bell. this is abc 7 news. the state public employee retirement fund which lost a quarter of the valley over the past 2 years gave substantial pay raises and big bonuses to many of the top manager. according to the associated press some of the bonuses were 100,000 dollars or more. spokesman says the system was contractually obligated to pay these bonuses. they based the funds five year performance for these bonuses and were 50% lower than previous pay outs. san francisco mayor and candidate for lieutenant governor newsom has the attention of the what it house not and not in a way he would probably lick. he's the talk of the white house press room for comments that he made that
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are all over the internet. carolyn tyler with what he said and reaction to it. >> that is not something that i am proud to say as a democrat. not something i want to say but it is trauma. >>reporter: this is the clip circulating on you tube. san francisco mayor gavin newsom complaining about some aspects of the federal stimulus package. >> it is not wrong to criticize parts of that stimulus as disproportionately saving jobs in the public sector. and not stimulating private sector economic growth. >>reporter: white house press secretary was asked about the remark at briefing today. >> thinks arguably the mayor of the bluest of blue city do you consider that disloyal to the stimulus. >> first i heard about it was when you told me so i don't think of that. >> newsom spokesman believes it is not so much the mayor criticizing what has been done in the public sector as it is in his words highlighting how san francisco has used the
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federal dollars to create private sector jobs with infrastructure projects including the doyle drive rebuild and hunter point development. federal stimulus money has also paid the salary of workers through a city program. >> jobs now program righnow set to expire next week put more than 4000 out of work san francisco to work. mostly in private sector jobs. so the mayor was focused on what our experience here in san francisco as a city and county. those stimulus nrams have really been most effective. >>reporter: newsom is running for lieutenant governor. his republican rival mulled in addition has his own concerns about how the stimulus plan is working. >> it was sold to us as the silver bullet that wouldler unemployment. it has not. unemployment in california still 12.2%. but to be very, very fair we don't know what the final outcome of the stimulus bill has done. >>reporter: white house spokesman gibbs ran through
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whole list of benefits he says california has received but on both side of the aisle the lieutenant governor candidate are questioning whether federal stimulus package has gone far enough. in the newsr newsroom, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. about pg&e is working to ease people's fears about the pipeline running through their communities after the san bruno disaster. today utility executives met with city leaders in san carlos one day after releasing the top 100 priority list. one of those risky pipe licenses runs through san carlos between britain avenue and el camino real. >> we are very interested of course in more of the specific in san carlos. what is the situation and what are we going to do about it and when. >>reporter: also took us along today while they fixed the damaged pipeline in san jose not on the top 100 list. >> an example of how when we feigned something we need to address in our pipeline system we are not going to wait. we
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take immediate action to make that repair and get things back to normal again. >>reporter: inspection discovered -- inspectors discovered small dent in the san jose line along this street and it was not leaking any gas. to the east bay now. tonight oakland police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted 2 women in the lake merit area. police rae lease this sketch of the suspect late today and african american man in his early 20's 5 feet 10 inches to maybe 6 feet tall with median pwichltd attack people on oakland on high alert. more now from laura anthony. >>reporter: walkers and joggers took the normal route around lake merit but with heightened awareness after 2 robbery and sexual assault attack on the east side of the lake. >> both attack started off as robbery and during the course of the robbery the suspect sexually assaulted the victim. >>reporter: attacker was armed. police won't say what kind of weapon he used so as not to compromise their
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investigation. both victims were women on their way home sunday evening. one was getting out of her car. the first attack happened near the intersection of lake shore and east 18 street vl the other about 2 hours later at 18th and third avenue. deborah rothstein lives in the area and walks her dog at all hours including after dark. >> i walk my dog at 1 or 2 in the morning all the time. i know i shouldn't and i'm agent afraid of doing it after i hear about the crime but is he tame time it's my life stishltion others try to travel mostly in groups or during daylight hours. >> i come out here by myself as well but i probably wouldn't come out after daring. >>reporter: tony lewis and her friend usually walk together. but they are going to make one change. >> i was tell my friend we should turn our music down when we with walking on the other side bicyclist came on the side of her and couldn't see or here her because we have our ear phone on. that make us vulnerable. >>reporter: they decided turn down the maws ick open their
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own and the police are recommend folks not let themselves get distracted by the electronic device. in oakland, abc 7 news. in the men time police looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a bicycle riderser this morning in san jose. happened right before 7. investigators asking any witnesss to call the san jose police department immediately. some news tonight about proposition 19. the november initiative to legalize marijuana in california. the evident to get it passed picked up an important endorsement today while an organization might intuitively think that legalizing pot across the board came out against it. capitol correspondent annette has the story. >>reporter: the split in the medical marijuana community on proposition 19 comes as a surprise. >> we can not support proposition 19. >>reporter: the california cannabis association and others which include dispensary say they support the legalization and taxation
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of pot recreation use but not the way it is laid out in the initiative. they worry getting local cities and counties the ability to opt out of implementing prop 19 would make marijuana less available for people who need the drug for medical purposes. >> i really honestly feel that the patients have been sold a bill of goods that will take away access that they have to medication. >>reporter: what the people who qualify prop 19 for the november ballot say they were careful to protect the medical marijuana patient when writing the measure. >> we are not circumventing, rae peeling or amending the rights of california from the medical cannabis. it will invoke more rates and better accessibility. >> this initiative shouldn't be approved. >>reporter: in the capitol at prop 19 hearing opponent also voice concern about the patch work of marijuana laws if some jurisdiction embrace them while others did not. >> it makes enforcement from a public safety standpoint virtually impossible because when people are moving transferring back and forth in
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between counties it will be impossible to prove where that marijuana originated. >>reporter: but supporters say police shouldn't be going after marijuana related crimes in the first place. >> it is a waste of law enforcements resource especially when marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. >>reporter: supporters also pick up a big endorsement today. california largest labor union says more than 1 billion dollars in tax marijuana would bring in each year would help save jobs and avoid cut to social program n. n.sacramento, this is 7 news. from pot to tobacco. san francisco board of supervisors today the tentatively approved banning stores with pharmacies from selling cigarettes. measure still has to be approved at a final reading next week. one more bit of business from the city mayor newsom followed through with the promise to veto an alcohol tax passed by the board of supervisors. that packs would have added a nickally drink to pay for alcohol treatment in the city. much more to get to for
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you this tuesday night. nurses and teachers picket bay area fundraiser for republican gubernatorial candidate whitman. campaign getting more negative every 30 seconds. >> still unsafe. for armed service member to ask or techlt republican party blocks key vote in the senate. >> warm fall weather is on its way. i'm sandy and i'll show you when temperatures hit mid 90's hear in the bay area. come right up. >> and student versus steve jobs. head of apple go too far in the e-mail response to far in the e-mail response to college senio i want you to >>
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so when his account ran low we just tranerred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ]rom linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple toanage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help yowrite it. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take ov the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid f. they never worked. fact: brown promised o cut crime. but mders doubled, making oaklanthe 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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he just can't deliver the results >> share it with you. at least 3 people have heard that this mysterious accident in san francisco happened maybe 15 minutes ago or so. a driver obviously crashed on mission and new montgomery downtown san francisco. crashed in several cars. the injured are taken to sf general probably not life threatening injuries but kahn see a number of cars banged up pretty seriously. it was a serious accident. but injuries apparently not life threatening. attorney general brown is asking a federal judge to allow executions to resume in
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california as soon as next week. brown is a former death penalty opponent keep in mind. june stopped execution ins 2006 and ordered prison officials to overhaul lethal injection procedures. officials at san quentin say the refurbished death chamber will be ready next week if the moratorium is lifted. >> meg whitman rival in the governor race says he's playing politic with the issue. whitman says brown new found support for the death penalty is quote as preposterous as appreciate ration for fiscal conservatism. and rice spoke at fundraiser for whitman this evening. several protestors showed up. sign of how much this campaign really is beginning to heat up. as mark matthews explains, the race is turning decidedly negative. >> jerry brown campaign rae leased first attack ad against meg whitman. >> newspaper report that claims this whitman ad are
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false and she knows it. >>reporter: this ad featuring former president clinton from the 1992 debate when brown and clinton were running for president. >> c this n not me. cn this says the tax record was quote just plain wrong. >>reporter: fact check. the assertion is wrong. cnn reporter that clinton rae lied on says he miscalculated. over all taxes went down during brown's tenure as governor. but whitman is defending her ad. >> and the fact is jerry brown is not a tax cutter. >>reporter: whitman points out that taxes went up during most of brown's tenure. that is true. they went down by so much in the final two years that over all his term saw a tax decrease. that fact under cut the whitman message. >> the ad has to be accurate. this was not accurate. even cnn the source of that information says it wasas wrong.
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>>reporter: jerry brown campaign now attempting to undo the damage but by choose to go go negative both sides are setting up a dynamic. >> basically they get candidate get stuck in a downward spiral because if one person goes negative then the other person almost compelled to go negative in order to counter what the first person says. >>reporter: that says the professor ladies to personal attack instead of expounding on the issues. >> it just creates this vortex that leads to ultimately a lot of people staying away at the poll and feeling like the election has nothing to do with solving the problem in california. >> may not end up that way. there is still month and a half to go but tonight sure shaping up to be pretty negative. in burlingame, abc 7 news. all right. let's mav to the weather forecast this week. midweek. sandy is here warming up awfully nice. >> something to look forward to. as we head towards the weekend temperatures are going to climb. so today we had a
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cool down and after tomorrow is when we begin the warming trend. get you outside and show you what it looks like tonight. high definition roof cam are looking down embarcadero there. bay bridge see the palm tree blowing in the breeze a bit. we have gusty wind writ now gusting to around 25 miles an hour although over the higher elevation we do have wind gust around 40 miles an hour. so a breezy evening tonight. here's what the numbers lack like right now. 50's and 60's that breeze is holding the temperatures up once the winds start to drop-off the numbers will fall as well. cold in the north bay valley in. autumn arrives tomorrow evening and we look at string of warm days ahead. not just inland. even at our beaches. really nasty looking weather ahead. today was is in day. probably notice mid highlevel clouds that mav through in association with this trough here. this is what brought about our cooling today. this cool pocket of air just hangs on for one more day. so
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tomorrow look for very similar temperatures to today. and then we start to notice the changes with the ridge of high pressure starting to build in very strong over the weekend and heading into monday. warming trend will continue right through monday but the warming trend begins on thursday. that's when temperatures come up just a few degrees really peak to early next week. tonight chilly as i mentioned in the north bay valley where the wind will drop-off. skies will remain clear. mid 40's around santa rosa, napa, low to mid 50's elsewhere with some low clouds developing around the east bay around the peninsula and the south bay so not a real organized may leap layer. we don't expect it tonight. high for your south bay for tomorrow. low 70's. 72 in campbell. 71 for san jose. santa clara. narrow range of temperature on the peninsula. skaev had -- 67 if millbrae. won't have to wait for the sun to kilometer in and out palo alto. 61 in half moon bay. breezy at times
9:21 pm
gusting to 25 or 30 miles an hour. daily city 60 degrees. downtown san francisco also a breezy blue day excuse me 64 degrees north bay and mid 70's for santa rosa, napa novato in the east bay 68 for oakland and san leandro. inland areas. running below average for this time of year. 75 in fairfield antioch. 73 in liver movrment around the monterey bay 71 in santa cruz up to 74 inland in gilroy. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. autumn equinox taking place tomorrow evening. 8:09:00 p.m. and with the arrival of fall for the bay area comes warmer conditions. low to mid 90's for the weekend. very warm conditions sunday monday 94 to knicks degrees inland. mid to upper 80's around the bay and mid 70's at our beaches. this is the kind of weather a lot of people wait for here in the bay area. >> we didn't have that many high 90's in the summer. >> we didn't. summer was
9:22 pm
unusually cool here in the bay area. we deserve tonight thank you very much. >> coming up. top white house advisor on his way out. as we continue the latest shake up to hit the president's economic team. >> sign of the times in california community colleges. more students trying to get into classes thanyççñóçi)ññ
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>> students at 2 south bay community colleges are finding that getting into classes is particularly challenging this fall. budget cuts have eliminated many core classes. lee reports from foothill college in los altos hills. >> it has been a hassle awe day. i have been here since 8 in the morning to get in math class. o for 3 so far. >>reporter: today more students were in line trying to get that a class than were
9:26 pm
actually attending class. foothill lost 20 million dollars this state funding this year. the cut in budget has resulted in a cut of some 500 classes. >> we have about 10,000 plus students on wait list as i'm talking to you rate now literally 10 minutes ago we checked the numbers. that represents probably 7000 discreet students because some of them are on multiple lists. those are student who very badly necessitated courses we can not offer this freshman antonio is one of those on a wait list. for math. core subject she needs to take now. >> i'm lucky because i'm wait list no. 1 but there are teachers that said right off the bat that if your wait list you are not able to get in. >>reporter: demand for community college at all time high for young students and also older unemployed workers going back to school to update the resume. >> last year we cut our schedule by 7% and basically we laid flat on that. we try
9:27 pm
to admit as many student as we can but there is incredible demand and there are limited resources. >>reporter: so limited that the board of trustee are asking voters in the district for help. they have placed measure e 69 dollar partial tax on the november ballot for consideration. students here will have until friday to try and get in those classes that they need. if they are shut out they have to wait until the next quarter which starts in january and by the way, way, registration for that january quarter will begin in november. thinks abc 7 news. >> students are having trouble getting in other community colleges around the bay. san mateo district has 14,000 students on its wait list. san francisco city colleges 3500 students waiting just for math and english courses. and marin college also have more than 3000 students. wait listed. when we continues hear tonight. blackhawk down. 9 troops including several americans are killed in a chopper crash in afghanistan. one pilot explains why flying
9:28 pm
there is so treacherous. >> overt operative president obama honors vietnam air man even his family didn't know his secret. >> they call it a closure. michelle obama getting involved in a big way in the upcoming elections. another half hour ofal mess. and i'm not going to give you y phony plans or snappy slogans that don'to anywhere. we have to make some tou decisions. we have to live within oureans. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the lal level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter proval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as cifornians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared tdo exactly that.
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were prese i want you to about about.
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at the head lanes we are following for enthusiastic tuesday night. police in oakland released a sketch of man believed to be behind 2 sexual assaults near lake merit over the weekend. he's scaibd as african american male in early 20's. 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall. median build. 8 current former city officials
9:32 pm
arrested and charged with fraud in the scandal plagued community of bell in southern california. they are accused million dollars in taxpayer money giving themselves huge pay raises and making illegal personal loans. and state largest labor union is endorsing prop 19. november ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana. >> service employee believes the measure will save jobs but the california cannabis association today came out against prop 19 because it would perhaps it believes hurt patients would use medical marijuana. repeal of the military don't ask don't tell hit the government road block today. democrat fell short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a promised fillibuster by senator mccain. in washington now more from john henry. >> to repeal don't ask don't tell democrat needed senator susan collins. >> i think it is the right thing to do. i think it is only fair. >>reporter: but when they
9:33 pm
closed off days bait on the effort to over turn the ban on gay serving openly in the military they lost her. >> now is not the time to play politics simply because an election is looming in a few weeks. >>reporter: the rae peel had its opponent. >> dump thing to do to try to use the defense authorization bill in times of war to advance will he be rall agenda eric's issue of rare agreement for 60 senators. number it takes to move a bill. even conservative democrat were on board. >> past time to repeal this policy which is beth unjust and unamerican. >>reporter: had a colorful spokeswoman. lady gaga. >> i'm here because don't ask don't tell is wrong. >>reporter: the democrat added rae peel to receive 26 billion dollar bill to authorize spending for next year. they lost crucial chance to change the law in the election and face a less
9:34 pm
sift ick congress. on the battle field it doesn't matter whether a service member is lesbian gay or straight. what matters is that a service member gets the job done. >>reporter: perhaps but until the law is rae peeled at the pentagon it is still matters. california court has already overturned the ban on gay troops but without a repeal the law could remain on the books through years of legal challenges. this is abc news washington. >> remember president obama had promised to repeal the congressally enacted ban. white house spokesman gibbs says the administration is dispointed by what happened today. president top economic advisor larry summers is leaving. he's the third member of the president team to go recently. peter the head of the office of management and budget and christina rome of the head of the council of economic advisors left this summer. summers will return to harvard where he taught and served as president. his position is expected to be filled with a corporate executive to demonstrate the president is
9:35 pm
not anti-business. >> abc george stephanopoulos says that summers departure may not be the only change at the white house. >> very possible maybe likely that the chief of staff will run for mayor of chicago. there is likely to be changes in the communication political team reelection propose. i would expect significant rae organization after the election. >>reporter: midterm election this november now just a few weeks away. and on that subject. first lady michelle obama will spend 3 of her 6 days on the campaign trail next month in california. she's going to host a fundraiser for witness house -- for house speaker nancy pelosi any san francisco on october 25. on the 26th she will be in l.a. speaking to the women leadership forum and democratic national committee. on the 27th she will host a fundraiser for senator boxer. first lady other campaign pit stops include new york, chicago, york, chicago, denver, seattle and milwaukee. the senate honored montana
9:36 pm
man today believed to be the world oldest male. walter bruiner turned 114 today. you know during his life time 5 states have been added to the union and 20 different presidents have taken office in the what it house. 114. day at the races turns that a day of tragedy. as we continue here tonight. bleachers collapse at brazil sending hundreds of peck taketors tumbling to the ground. >> remembering a man who gave his life for his country 42
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experts on the way from to figure out what bleachers collapsed during a car race injuring more than 100 people. 22 critically hurt. the stands gave way in southern brazil. 500 people were sitting on the stands when they just crumbled for some reason. some sort of structural problem is what authorities suspect. 9 troops died in helicopter crash in southern afghanistan today. it is the worst chopper disaster there in more than 4 years. it is extremely difficult to fly helicopter in the mountains of afghanistan particularly in a nasty storm. nick tonight on what wept wrong. >>reporter: every night doze helicopters fly over some of the roughest terrain in the world. transporting special operation forces on secret missions. kill or capture taliban commanders. early this morning nearly a dozen of those troops were flying in a blackhawk military work horse helicopter. just before 5:00 a.m. they were trying to land according to one official when the helicopter crashed immediately
9:41 pm
catching fire. this year the military has more than doubled the number of special operation raids but they are not without risk especially at night. today abc mike talked with 3 pilots. >> i would say that t the biggest challenge we face are landing definitely brown out conditions at night when there's little to know ambient lighting from the moon. >>reporter: military trained the pilots to fly in those brown out conditions when the dust kicks up so much they are virtually blind. >> really have to pick something out on the groundment something you know that will not move so keep your eye on it when the dust starts blowing and you know it won't move. that's you keep your bearings. >>reporter: last year we flaw over the same area of today's crash. helicopters are the critical method of transportation here. tomorrow way to crisscross the country full of mountains and roads riddled with mines. >> you look at afghanistan and terrain we are confronted
9:42 pm
with. this is helicopter war. >>reporter: with the surge of troops, helicopter will be even more important meaning today's crash likely won't be the last. this is abc news, news, kabul. more news about the military. his was the blackest of black opens. mission in vietnam so secret about it. today the president took down the last veil surrounding the story of dick even burger giving him the medal of honor ri of bravery on jungle mountain top in 1968 at the battle of lima. >> helicopter hovered above and lower its flank dick loaded his wounded men 1 by 1 each time exposing himself to enemy fire. and when another air man suddenly rushed forward after alluding the enemy all nature dick loaded too him too. finally himself. made it off the mountain. about that's when it happened.
9:43 pm
the helicopter began to peel away. burst of gun fair erupted below. dick was wounded. and by the time they landed at the nearest base he was gone. about of those 19 men on the mountain that night only 7 made it out alive. 3 of them owed their lives to the action of dick. >> i think my dad would be very humble about it. he, one of the things that he really impressed on us as kids was that you have a job to do. >> of all the military decorations that our nation can bestow the highest is the medal of honor. it was awarded for conspicuous gallantry. for risking one's life in action. for serving above and beyond the call of duty. today we present the
9:44 pm
medal of honor to an american who displayed such gallantry more than 4 decades ago. chief master sergeant richard l even burger. this met medal reflects the gratitude of an entire nation. >> our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball ople love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farmnsures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with smany ways to save including diounts of up to 40%, having that many custors shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbo about state farm, then calan agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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yeah. you got time forhat? you got time to earn me on your savings, online at that's new school banking, ba! instead earning squatootski... your savings wilbe earning three times the national average now, let's review. capital one terestplus savings... at three times more. go to are you a pisces? but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax rerd was "just plain wro." jerry brown went out ther and took credit for the fact that the people ocalifornia voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, whi he opposed. and now he'going around taking credit for it. he raisetaxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he tk office and a deficit whehe left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
9:47 pm
yççñóçi)ññt whehe left. >> we understand tonight twitter has fixed security flaw on its web site. it allowed hacker to divert user to porn site open pop up and send out random tweet. twitter users were affected even if they only passed the curser over the tweet. twitter take down affected 100,000 people worldwide. but again apparently problems solved. gentleman now we have all done this. respond to e-mail without putting too
9:48 pm
much thought into it. apple ceo steve jobs however makes a habit of answering random e-mail directly from customers and maybe he just should have hit delete when one college journalism student got under his skin. here's the story from john henry. >> in this corner worth 5.5 billion dollars the father of the i-pod i-phone and i pad. apple ceo steve jobs. and in this corner a college senior with this. it started when isaac was working on assignment for the journalism class on use ofism pad in academic setting and reached out to media relation department for comment. when no one responded she went straight to the top. the if writing to stef jobs himself. she wrote. >> the completion of this article is crucial to my grade in the class. my deadline is tomorrow. half hour later his response from at our goal do not
9:49 pm
include helping you get a good grade. sorry. she jabs back. >> i never said that your goal should be to help me get a good grade. rather i politely asked why your media relation team does not respond to e-mail. >> now his turn. we have over 300 million users and we can't respond to their request unless they involve a problem of some kind. sorry and her turn. >> no. 1. i am one of your 300 million users. and no. 2 i do have a problem. i need answers that only apple media relations can answer. now can they kindly respond to my request? my polite and friendly voice can be heard in the first 5 or 10 messages in pwochblingts i'm on deadline. >> finally the knock out blow from jobs. please leave us alone. what kind of lang wam is that from a corporate at this time an. >> i don't know if he said if i send this response maybe all
9:50 pm
the college e-mails will stop. >> in case you are wondering apple declined to comment on the story. i did e-mail staev jobs his reaction? he didn't write back. maybe i'm lucky. this is abc news. >> he didn't get chewed out by staev jobs. at least not yet. >> let's go back now to sandy. update the forecast. >> it is another is in day tomorrow starting without some patches of clouds first thing in the morning but many areas will wake up to mostly clear skies with sun out quickly. breeze picks up out of the west northwest. up to 25 miles an hour along the coast line. temperatures in the 60's. even around the bay and 70's inland. so a narrow range of high pressures. sunny day. by nature time 8:09 fall arrives. then we are looking at warmer conditions beginning thursday with the warmest reading sunday monday mid 90's inland mid 70's at the pwichlts here we go thanks a lieutenant. >> all right. on to sports. mr. larry is here as always.
9:51 pm
>> good stuff. giants trying to hang on to a splendor half game lead in the west. and this is why they love buster posey. he is good. and he is posey. he is good. and he is clutch. play
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. san jose police officer is under investigation for pretending to arrest his stepdaughter 15-year-old boyfriend. well try to run that down. >> why the cost associated with obesity are so much greater for women than for men. those stories and more coming up in one hour on 7 news leather:00 over on channel 7. but on to all the sports. larry here to talk with giants baseball. >> do you know what the lead is. this much. this much. if they are clinging to first place by the narrowest of margin. leading the westby just half game. they come up with all of one run in chicago tonight and somehow make that stachbility she has her glochlt huge size. ready for,
9:55 pm
for, they throw a bowl ball at her she's catching it. 2nd inning the drive. jose ande thd the bases in the first. nothing. load again in the fifth. slides ou. he would atone few innings later. carlos back to cane. 6 scoreless. one of the 2 strike outs here. allow 2 hits. here it comes. there it goes in the 8 for posey. over the 400 foot sign. center field. solo homer. the only run of the game. the only run the giants needed. bring on brian wilson in the 9th. round out to end it 1 nil. 48 chances for wilson. padres also won. giants keep the one-half game lead in the west. trevor kay hill dominating season continues against the white sox. lead in the fourth. pennington over the head of pierre. crashes that the wall there.
9:56 pm
jack scores on the play. carter trying to score from first. and he does. pennington winds up at third. a's lead in the sixth and chicago tying run at the plate. if swing and myself. tvl 8 innings. 7 strike outs. sfaechbt win. a's a 7-2 victory. good team find ways to win. opposite is also true. 49 ers the made just enough mistake to lose to the world champion saints last tonight and suddenly the pre-season favorite to win the nfc west and started the game with a safety. it was hideous early on. turn the ball over three times. deep inside saints territory. despite that they still had a chance to win the game. smith leading a brilliant drill. tying the game in the fourth quarter but the niners came up short 25-22. now o and 2. they face back-to-back road games at kansas city where super loud. then atlanta. coach emphasizing the positive.
9:57 pm
>> they are learning some very valuable things early on in the season. and i believe they will capitalizes and pick up and it will seven us well going forward. >> we have stop hurting ourselves. stay behind and down the field. can't stand up with us. beat ourselves. him if we got to change that. we have to change. >>reporter: got to change in a hurry. denver pwrvrng os in a state of shock. 23-year-old receiver kenny mckinley killed himself yesterday. nobody realized it until it was too late but he had apparently been severely depressed because of recent knee surgery. police say he shot himself in the head. broncos said he seemed to be a happy go lucky guy. never showed any suicide signs. >> it's tough any time you lose guy like him. especially young guy. about love for the xunt. support his family.
9:58 pm
and support us as players and together we get through everything. >>reporter: this is really surprise. couple years ago michael vick was locked up in jail. tout as to whether he was ever going to play another down in the nfl. now back and starting quarterback for the philadelphia eagles. replaced kevin cobb as starter on sunday. threw 2 touch downs. cobb has concussion issue. healthy enough to come back now but coach reed says he's playing like one of the best in the league. doesn't want to sit him down. vick starting sunday against jacksonville. fichlt talk about getting ready for the opponent. oregon state plays at boise state on saturday. boise they have the infamous smurf tuvrnlt beavers are painting the practice field if to simulate what it will be like against the team. i wonder what that costs there. "spider-man"dropped in on the braves phillies game last night. some guy dressed in red spandex tripped up nicely by braves outfielder mat. but
9:59 pm
he got on the field. look at this. almost like toby. "spider-man"would have gotten away from the second guy actually. authorities subdued him and he has been taken away, i believe. >> all i'll say is he may have been in spandex but at least he wasn't a streaker. if. >> that is probably the upside. >> painting the field blue pretty clever idea because it has to be off putting for too ems who don't play on a blue field. >> kind of absurd length. they should putted red spandex guy on the blue field. would he make purple? fichlt i don't know. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for larry, sandy and dan thanks for watching. see you again in an hour. there's the giant mit. she's


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